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Amish Grace

March 18, 2010

Larry A. Thompson Organization, Project Rise and Shine, and Lifetime Movie Network will present on Palm Sunday, March 28, 2010, a remarkable Event Movie based upon a True Story in Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania that awakened the World to the healing powers of Faith and Forgiveness – Amish Grace.

When a group of Amish schoolgirls are taken hostage and killed in their classroom, their parents and the Amish community stun the outside world by immediately forgiving the killer.  Ida Graber, mother of one of the murdered children, played by Kimberly Williams-Paisley, has a tougher time than the others accepting the tragedy, but in her anguish and pain, she begins a personal journey of renewed faith, ultimately accepting the heart-wrenching tragedy of losing a child; reconnecting with her husband, family, and community; offering forgiveness to the killer; and even showing kindness and compassion to the killer’s widow and children – all in the form of Amish Grace.

I hope you make time to watch.  I believe the movie and its message will touch you deeply.  For more information on the movie, please visit:  Amish Grace - The Movie.

For more information on us, please visit: Larry Thompson Organization and Project Rise and Shine.

Please help us spread the word of this movie’s affirming message.

Gratefully yours,

Larry Thompson

(Executive Producer, and proud father of Taylor Ann Thompson, who plays the role of Hannah and Trevor Thompson who plays her brother, Jacob.)

Amish Grace Premieres Sunday, March 28 at 8 pm et/ 5 pm pt on Lifetime Movie Network.
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Larry Thompson
Global Motivator and Author of SHINE



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