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Volume # 2 - 1, January 2006                                                                 


Secret Agent 006

    Larry Thompson


As a primary agent of change, your secret mission this year is to find yourself by looking beyond yourself.  And by so doing, you will personally become the positive change you want to happen in the world. 


Why have you been assigned this task?  Because your compassionate reaction to recent events have taught us that you have the power and therefore the responsibility to bring forth that change!

In this new Millennium, it's individuals like you, rather than corporations and governments, that are emerging  as the "primary agents of change" in the human condition of the world's society and economy.  Philanthropy and resource leveraging is shifting from corporate titans like Ford, General Electric, and Disney  to "high-impact humans" like Oprah Winfrey, Bono, and Melinda & Bill Gates. Individuals who are standing up and leading compassionate and just causes are mobilizing others and governments to join in.


The change you wish to make does not have to be as grand as ending extreme global poverty, disease, and indifference, nor does it require that you be a Media Mogul, Rock Star, or Billionaire.  We have learned from the human need and pain brought about from the disasters that have plagued us in the five short years of the new Millennium, starting with the attack on the World Trade Center to the Tsunami and Hurricanes, that when called upon, the compassionate spirit in each of us rises to the occasion.  People have now become aware of their enormous power to give and help others when they are motivated by the extreme, unbearable pain of those in need. What ultimately defines us is not what happens to us but how we respond to what happens to all of us.


It's a shame that so much bad in the world had to happen for us to realize how much good each of us can do. With all the predictions of what the new Millennium would bring, no one predicted it would bring us all closer together.  When it comes to compassion, there are no Red states or Blue states.  There are simply Red people and Blue people. There are even Yellow and Green people.  And we all are connected in an Andy Warhol-esque canvas of humanity.


As a primary agent for change in the world and a new high-impact human, start with being the change you want to happen.  Others will follow.  Stop being a "human being" who is blaming and shaming others for what they did or didn't do.  Instead, become a "human doing" who is leading others and succeeding with them.


Exercise:  Make two lists of 2006 New Year's Resolutions.  One list detailing what you will do for yourself and the other list identifying what you will do to help others. You will benefit profoundly from all you accomplish on either list.


This year, Hollywood will introduce to us a new James Bond, Secret Agent 007, who will set out to save the world, but in the real world this year, 2006, we will rediscover the true Secret Agent for positive change in "His" Majesty's Secret Service.  It's Secret Agent 006, you,...just you.


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See you on Life's Red Carpet!


Larry Thompson
Global Motivator and Author of SHINE




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