Volume # 1 - 8, September 2005



Larry Thompson

Moments Of Truth

Dear Member:

A famous Hollywood fable involves two partners who owned a theatrical agency.  One of their clients, Andy Williams, had just finished a Las Vegas engagement and had sent in his commission check for $30,000.  A couple of weeks later one of the partners was opening the mail and noticed that Andy's accountants had sent in another $30,000 check by mistake. This was the partner's moment of truth, his test of integrity.  He stared at the check in his hand and asked himself the moral question, "Do I tell my partner?!"

Of course, the idea of sending the check back to Andy Williams never entered his mind.  Well, so much for Hollywood morality and his moment of truth.


On the other hand, Bobby Jones when playing in the 1925 U.S. Open found his ball in the rough behind some trees and when he went to set up to hit it his ball moved slightly as his club grazed the grass.  No one on the course saw it.  He motioned the official over and called a penalty stroke on himself.  The official asked, "Are you sure?  I never saw it." Jones nodded yes and took the penalty.  He lost the tournament to Willie Macfarlane by one stroke.  He refused to accept praise for observing the rule.  "You might as well praise a man," he said "for not robbing a bank." That was his moment of truth and his trademark as a man.

We each are faced with moments of truth - those tempting short cuts to fame and fortune. How we deal with them identifies us as a person - to ourselves, our friends, and God.

No matter if you are the CEO of a public company employing 3000 people or if you have a spouse and four children, when you go to bed each night, in those last few seconds before you fall asleep, you realize that you are all alone in life.  You came into this world alone and you will depart it all by yourself. In those last quiet, lonely seconds before you sleep, in that moment of truth, ask yourself, "Did I send the check back?  Did I call the penalty stroke on myself?"  If you didn't, it's not too late.

Sleep on it.

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Larry Thompson
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