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Log On To Your Innernet

Larry Thompson


Dear Member:


Are you hooked up to your Innernet?


During the dawn of the technological age, we all quickly jumped on the new Internet to "get connected."  Even though we are right to marvel at this new invention, we should not allow it to replace the deeper connection we all still need with our inner-self using our own Innernet that was given to each of us and invented at the dawn of the age of mankind.


Our ability to simply think and in effect go on-line at any time to visit our inner-self and ponder who we truly are, what our purpose really is, why we are actually here, and where we are inevitably going, is our Maker's gift that enlightens us to life's beauty, meaning, and purpose.

Reboot your computer brain today and surf your personal Innernet.  It offers:

     1. Free unlimited access 24/7

     2. Endless knowledge and emotional support

     3. High speed connection with T1 (First Thought) technology

     4. Spam blocking capabilities allowing you to block out negativity

     5. Private and peaceful chat rooms to meditate and be inspired

     6. E-mails from Him


Exercise: Sit quietly, log on to your Innernet, and Instant Message yourself.  E-mail three people you love and tell them how much you care.  Think of one person for whom you are grateful and e-vite them to Thanksgiving!  Put your loved ones in your Favorite Places.


If Al Gore can try to take credit for inventing the Internet, may I lay claim to reintroducing you to your Innernet?


"Happy Gobble, Gobble," and thanks to all who have supported and appreciated what we are doing at Project Rise & Shine.


See you on Life's Red Carpet!


Larry Thompson
Global Motivator and Author of SHINE



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