Volume # 1 - 7, August 2005

Larry Thompson

Five Erotic Tips For Success

Dear Member:

It's that sexy summer season again! Don't drag that same old you to life's sunny beach and try to get ahead either personally or professionally using your same old conventional techniques. Develop a new strategy for success that will shock others and even take your own breath away!

Reach your higher-self and fulfill your destiny by working at it with the same intimate attention you would give your lover. Here are 5 tips to unlock your innermost self. They will motivate you to lock the real you in a room with your lover - and throw away the room!

1. If You've Got It...Flaunt It. Whether you want the public to know about your new product, your friends to notice your inner beauty, or your boss to reward you for a job well done, you have to market yourself. The best kept secret was not a big seller. Make you and your talents visible to others. You don't have to boast but you do have to get the attention of others. Look at what I had to do to get your attention. Would you be reading this newsletter if I had titled it "Five Dental Tips For Success"?

2. Spank Your Mind To Think Outside The Box. The things that got you where you are won't get you where you're going. If you don't think outside the proverbial box, you will be left behind in it. Be original. Does anybody really need another derivative version of anything else? Shake up your thinking pattern a little, in fact, shake it up a lot.

3. Size Matters. Men, successful, long-term relationships require embracing a solid foundation of truths. One of the truths that you have to eventually understand and accept is that most women generally find the size of your heart more sexy than the size of your iPod. So guys, spend less time listening to tunes and more time listening to her.

4. Women On Top. Ladies, don't just be drop dead smart. Wow your partner in the bedroom and your other partners in the boardroom. Develop the right balance between your Yin and Yang as you earn your way to the top of your game.

5. Unleash The Power Within. You have so much to give....go ahead...give it. Kiss other people's fantasies - help someone go higher. Give until it hurts - love someone deeper. Push yourself forward. Pull your ego backwards. If you let your spirit out, where would it go? Harness all that you are, and can be, and let it go...let it go...let it go!

Feel better? Good. Continue that feeling with this helpful exercise. Make a list of three people who need your attention. Dedicate an entire day to them and their needs. You will feel better for doing it and your offerings to them will be returned to you many fold.

Hot Flash! Success at anything requires clarity of purpose. And with that clarity comes the realization not of your limitations but of your lack thereof. Develop a chronic ability to astonish yourself.

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See you on Life's Red Carpet.

Larry Thompson
Global Motivator and Author of SHINE


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