Volume # 1- 4, May 2005




Larry Thompson

Believing Is Seeing

Dear Member:

To achieve peak performance in your life or career you have to shatter the existing paradigm you hold of yourself and evolve your belief system to see your endless possibilities. You have been taught incorrectly all your life that "seeing is believing" when in fact you must first believe in the existence of something before you can actually see it. We can only see what we believe is possible.

As dramatized in the recent, thought-provoking motion picture, "What The Bleep Do We Know!?", when Christopher Columbus's ships approached the Caribbean coastline for the first time, the Native American Indians were not able to actually see the sailing vessels approaching because they had no knowledge or experience that such ships existed. The tribe's Shaman began to notice ripples in the water that caused him to stare out to sea to understand the source. Every day he looked and looked until he finally saw the ships. He then went to his people and told them the ships existed. Because they believed and trusted him, they looked out and were finally able to see the arriving fleet.

Until you believe that your evolved self and destiny exist, you will not be able to see or visualize it. The efforts you make in your life to discover and believe in yourself can evolve you or destroy you, but either way, they will define you. What you believe allows you to see, which shapes the way you think, that determines the way you feel, which influences the way you act, that ultimately creates the reality of who you can be.

Create a new reality for yourself. Break your daily routine. Do three things this week that crash you through your emotional glass ceiling and for the first time, see yourself through the eyes of the person you can become.

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Don't be satisfied wading in the ripples. Look up and see your ships coming in!

See you on Life's Red Carpet!

Larry A. Thompson


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