Volume # 1 - 3, April 2005



Larry Thompson

What Successful People Know
That You Don't

Dear Member:

Isn't it interesting that everyone's definition of success is different but everyone's understanding of failure seems the same? Successful people are not always right. Others still striving to be accomplished or fulfilled are not always wrong. But, then again, why does it appear at times that others you perceive as successful know something that you don't?

I'd like to suggest that it's not what people know that makes them successful. It's what they don't know - FEAR. Those without fear are rewarded with endless opportunities to explore and gain knowledge, experience, and specific methodologies for success in their chosen endeavors. By not being paralyzed with the fear of lacking knowledge, you gain the peace of mind, encouragement, and risk tolerance you need to discover strategies that will enable you to achieve your life's destiny.

I know you might ask, "Why is it that some people who know less than me and who are even immoral in their dealings seem to be doing better than me?" Maybe they are for the moment, but stay focused on yourself. Instead of wasting time wishing for those with less talent and integrity than you to fail, disregard them entirely. They will eventually meet their comeuppance. As my father always said, "If you let a monkey climb a coconut tree high enough he'll eventually show his ass."

Start each day with less fear and begin to attract, identify, and seize new opportunities with a confident head and not an exposed tail.

How do you start? Make sure you have a clear definition of what SUCCESS means to you. The clearer your vision, the easier your challenge. Take fifteen minutes and write down a detailed description of your Successful life. Be sure to include God, family, love, career, money, health, and fun.

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See you on Life's Red Carpet!

Larry A. Thompson


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